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Based on the title of the title of this article, I am making an assumption that your home is listed with an agent.  And it’s still not selling?  How could this be?

There’s a couple of “real” reasons.

The true role of the listing agent isn’t understood by either you, the agent or both.

You see, most people when asked after listing with 미국배송대행 an agent say that it’s the agents job to sell the house. For clarification, the context of this comment is that they (sellers) believe the agent will be showing up every single day with ready and willing buyers.  It’s just not the case nor is it explained very well to you the home seller.

In order to make sure they get the listing contract signed, most agents don’t even have a meaningful conversation with the home seller setting the expectations and outlining everyone’s roles. (Yes you the home seller has a valuable role in selling too.)  But this is often glossed over to be sure the odds of getting a commission is in favor of the agent.

Sometimes even the real estate agent doesn’t clearly understand their true role…and as a result, they end up running around doing tasks that are pointless just to look busy.  They are forced into coming up with excuses about why your home isn’t selling when they really have no idea. The ironic (or moronic) thing is that even when an agent does a horrible job.  Your house gets sold… you don’t get a dime… but they still get paid a lot of money. Something to think about.

So what is the true role of the listing agent?  Simply put,  it is to market your home, negotiate on your behalf and facilitate paperwork.  The most important of which is to Market Your Home.

Marketing your home for sale is critical to the success of any home sale. When you hire a listing agent, it is like a business hiring and advertising agency.  You would expect the advertising agency to help you come up with a great campaign… launch it… and monitor it.  You wouldn’t expect them to take your incoming calls, man the store and ship your products right?  A smart agent has figured out how to leverage the real estate community and get hundreds or thousands of other agents to tap into their pool of buyers.

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