3 Things You Must Know Before Building A Granny Flat In Your Backyard


If you’re interested in building your own storage shed, there are a few steps to complete before running off to buy materials. It’s important to understand all your local building codes and ordinances; similarly, you need to be aware of any local home association restrictions. Good fences, not good sheds, make good neighbors!

First, start with city hall. Some states and cities require that you get a building permit before you begin any construction on your property. As an example, I live in the state of Massachusetts. Before building a shed, adding square footage to a shed or repairing a roof on a shed, you must get permission from the city. This is done by going to City Hall and simply applying for a building permit with the city. You must pay a small fee of $50 to apply for the permit.

You will hear from City Hall within a week délai permis de construire or two in regards to approval. Local ordinances will outline how to go about your construction project and the permit will outline where and how you can build your own shed. In my city, you must not start construction before 7am daily, due to the noise involved in such a project. Construction must also be completed within 12 months of the permit date.

There are also zoning restrictions. For example, in my locality a shed must be more than 18 feet from your neighbor’s property line. Be sure that you have an accurate outline of your land before beginning your project if you are in doubt of property line. Also review any home association limitations you may have, as well as discussing the project with your immediate neighbors. Some associations strictly limit the types and varieties of exterior building and sheds are no exception. Also, be sure that your neighbors do not have a problem with the placement of your shed. They can file a petition against you, if the shed is shown to decrease the property value of their home due to its construction type. A grievance such as this will end up in court, so it is a good idea to discuss your plans to build your own shed with your neighbors.